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    Each design of decorative window film that we sell has its advantages. You need to first decide what your goal is for your room, window or door...darkening the room, privacy, obscure a bad view, add some flare to you window or door...

    All the decorative window film products that we sell is high quality, flexible vinyl and therefore can be easily trimmed to fit any window, door, or even specialty glass such as arched, half-round, rectangular, triangular...whatever your needs may be. Be sure to measure your glass to assure you purchase enough film to completely cover the desired area. Another great advantage of these clings is that they can be pieced like wallpaper, depending upon the pattern. Most pieces are on a 24" x 36" repeat pattern. Contact us if you have questions about which designs can be pieced.

    Privacy Stained Glass designs obscure visibility through the glass day and night. Depending upon the color of the film, they can also darken a room. If you are looking for a window treatment that will add privacy day or night, lights on or off, the darker the film the better. These adhesive-free clings create the look of expensive decorative glass. Depending upon the shade of the window cling the privacy glass designs may change appearance in different lighting conditions.

    Frosted designs are opaque but still allow light into the room. Great way to add classic elegance while still being low-key. The new Deco Tint designs include over ten beautiful colors including Sandstone, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Ruby Red, and more. These modern home window tinting clings are offered in a see-thru or privacy design! Great for adding some flare to your window or door.

    Etched Glass designs add a decorative touch that brings the focal point from outside to inside. The see-thru designs have transparent elements so you can still peek through the glass if needed but adding beauty and privacy without having to install heavy blinds. Etched glass clings add a classic beauty to your windows or doors that everyone will admire.

    Window Film Accents are the perfect way to give ordinary glass an expensive and custom appearance without breaking the bank. They are quick, easy, and beautiful. We offer a variety of centerpiece designs in both etched glass and stained glass that include floral designs, crosses, and more. Our window corners and borders are the perfect way to add some accent to your glass and if included with a centerpiece can really dress up your windows and doors.

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windows 7 wallpaper green

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